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Type 2 Structure Protection Units

C & V Trailer Sales and Rentals have been providing Type 2 Structure Protection Units (SPU’s) for seasonal rental to the BC Office of the Fire Commissioner and BC Wildfire Service since 2011.

A Type 2 Sprinkler Protection Unit (S.P.U.) is a portable firefighting solution from C&V Trailer Sales & Rentals. It is specially designed to enhance safety and protect homes, businesses or other structures from the threat of wildfire.

Our SPU trailers are stored and maintained at our yard in Fort St John, BC during the off-season. As fire season approaches, and conditions warrant, our Type 2 SPU’s are strategically placed at our approved “Business” locations in Prince George, Cache Creek and Penticton, BC for optimum provincial coverage and response times.

In the event of a Wildland-Urban Interface fire, SPUs are deployed by the BC Wildfire Service. Our trailers are ready to be deployed on short notice and we respond to resource requests from Emergency Management Personnel 24 hours a day.

Type 2 Structure Protection Units (S.P.U.’s) which have been used very successfully in British Columbia & other Canadian Provinces are custom enclosed trailer units with specially designed wildfire sprinklers, portable high-pressure fire pumps, fire hoses, and various adapters.

Our Type 2 Structure Protection Units are built to BC Wildfire Service and OFC standards. Each unit contains enough equipment to protect approximately 25 structures.

Some of the equipment includes:

  • Six 2-Stroke High Pressure Fire Pumps
  • Approximately 15 000’ of Fire Hose
  • 120+ Sprinklers
  • Water Thieves
  • Adapters
  • Two Portable Water Bladders
  • Ladders and Various Fire Tools
  • Carpenter’s Tool Kits
  • Chainsaw Kits
  • Additional Safety Items

When structures are threatened in a Wildland Urban Interface Fire, S.P.U. equipment and Engine Companies are deployed to mitigate potential damage. Water supplies are established either by using available water (Hydrants, Ponds, Pools and Streams etc.) or by bringing in portable tanks or bladders. Sprinklers are deployed in and around structures using S.P.U. fire lines and pumps. The pumps are started as the fire front approaches creating a humidity zone on and around buildings. Firefighters can at this time retreat to a safety zone and allow the fire front to move through. The fire reacts with the humidity zone to push the fire front around and over structures. When the fire front has moved through the Engine Companies can then return to the area and extinguish any remaining fires in or around the structures.

With timely deployment, many homes and structures may be saved from fire devastation.

Type 2 S.P.U. trailers are available for purchase.
We currently have some gently used & approved Type 2 S.P.U.’s for sale
and immediate delivery.
For more information to purchase a Type 2 S.P.U. please contact us.
Call: 1-877-785-6780 (toll Free)

However, we also provide Type 2 SPU units to industries across Canada for rental and will also build units for purchase.

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